Oral Piercing
Aftercare for Cheek, Labret,
Monroe, Madison, Lip and Tongue

You can reduce swelling if you start the day before you plan on getting your
piercing by taking Ibuprofen as directed on the label and continue for about
the first 5-10 days. To be effective as an anti-inflammatory you must
maintain a certain level in your blood stream. You need about 3 doses to
reach that level.
Immediately after an oral piercing care should be taken when smoking.  
Drinking through a straw or spitting should be avoided. The suction required
to draw on a cigarette or liquid through a straw can cause the piercing to
start bleeding. If this occurs try placing ice on the piercing and avoid spitting.
By at least the next morning you should start rinsing with mouthwash  
several times a day. You may want to dilute the mouthwash with water at
first to lessen it's bite. Continue to rinse daily until piercing has healed.
Warm salt water should be used at least twice daily to rinse with during the
first week or so.
Labret/Lip piercing can be cleaned on the outside with soap and water or
mouth wash as you choose.
As with all piercing never use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or Neosporin on
the piercing.
If you experience any problem or have any questions, please refer them to
your piercer. As a professional, they should be able to answer your
questions and offer advice to put you on the path to a healthy piercing.
  • Chipped teeth and damage to the enamel of your teeth is a very real
    possibility, but can be lessened by wearing balls made of dental acrylic, or
    wearing a PTFE (plastic) barbell with the acrylic balls.
  • Damage to the gums and teeth can occur with Labret jewelry and the risk is
    increased by unprofessional piercing and bad placement.   
  • In extremely rare cases(1 documented case) tongue piercing has caused a
    condition known as Trigeminal Neuralgia which causes excruciating pain
    due to the barbell putting pressure on the Trigeminal nerve which runs
    along the jaw under the tongue. If you experience a sharp stinging pain like
    an electric shock consistently after getting your tongue pierced, it would
    probably be wise to remove the barbell. Again it would be wise to consult  
    your piercing professional if you have any  concerns.
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