At Extreme Expressions your piercing is performed
under aseptic conditions with quality instruments. In
order to insure infection free results, please follow
these instructions completely.

  • Thoroughly cleanse hands before touching jewelry or piercing.
  • Clean pierced area at least twice a day with an antibacterial soap.
  • Start by lathering up soap in your hand and applying to area around piercing and jewelry.
    Rinse with clean warm water and lather soap up again, apply to jewelry and work the soap
    through the piercing.
  • Rinse the piercing and jewelry again working the jewelry through the piercing to remove
    any soap.
  • Do not remove the jewelry and do not handle unnecessarily  or rotate the jewelry through
    the piercing until cleaning.
  • It is essential that the jewelry be moved through the piercing when cleaning to throughly
    clean the piercing.
  • On nostril Piercings the nostril screw should be pulled out enough to allow cleaning the
    straight  part of the jewelry, but leave the curved part in the piercing. On this as well as any
    facial piercing it would be wise to use warm salt water or saline solution and saturating a
    cotton ball let it set on the piercing for 5 or 10 minutes prior to pulling the jewelry out for
    cleaning. This will soften any matter that has dried on the jewelry and cause a lot less
    discomfort when cleaning.
  • Keep hair spray, suntan lotions, cosmetics and other preparations away from the piercing.
  • Some swelling is normal for most Piercings, but should only be minimal and the same holds
    true for any redness around the piercing. Any more should be brought to the attention of
    your piercer and evaluated for other possible causes. Your piercer should be experienced
    enough to tell if there is any other problem and what to do to correct it.
  • As a general rule Neosporin, Bacitracin and such should not be used on your piercing as
    according to the manufacturers these ointments are not indicated for puncture type wounds
    (piercing) and will cause more harm than good.
  • SOAKING your piercing in a warm sea salt solution at least once a day is the best thing
    you can do for it, next to keeping it clean. Use water as warm as you can stand and let it
    soak for 5-10 minutes. This can be accomplished by taking a small cup or shot glass and
    leaning into the cup, press it against your skin tight, then lean back to submerge your
  • If you have problems moving your jewelry when cleaning try applying a warm, moist
    compress to the piercing before you clean it to loosen any  dried matter that has formed on
    the jewelry and to draw out any buildup of the discharge normally developed with a wound
    or piercing.
  • Persistent redness or swelling could be an indication that your body is not tolerant of the
    foreign object (jewelry) in it, or the material that it is made of. It could also indicate an
    infection has started. For jewelry intolerance, niobium or titanium would  be a good metal to
    try and a new material, bioplast is promoted to actually help speed the healing of Piercings.
    In any case, it would be wise to stop by for your piercer to take a look and recommend the
    next step to take. If an infection develops, your piercer should recommend you  leave the
    jewelry in and see a physician as he is the only one legally able to prescribe antibiotics and
    the antibiotics will work with the jewelry left in, as well as if you take them out. Leaving the
    jewelry in will also keep the piercing open and allow it to drain.        
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