About Our Business
Extreme Expressions was started in 1996 out of a strong interest in body piercing and
a desire to provide a clean professional studio in the area dedicated to the body
piercing movement evolving at the time.
Anna and I had two daughters that were in high school at that time and we were
concerned that without a professional establishment to provide  piercing,  the youth of
the area would turn to less than safe avenues to obtain their Piercings. What started
out as a small part-time endeavor in an addition to our house, soon became a full-time
venture, especially when we added tattooing. Eventually we relocated down the road a
few miles. This allowed more room for doing Piercings and tattoos and more display
room for the jewelry we carry. It was also a lot easier to find and had plenty of

In our early days we had our scouts (as I used to call them) showing all their friends
and family how to get to our shop.  I think most of them loved to watch the latest
victims being tortured. For what ever reason I would like to express my sincerest
thanks to them for their help.
Body piercing and Tattooing has soared to new heights in popularity and it doesn't
seem to show any signs of slowing down any time soon.
Extreme Expressions has remained consistent through the years in our purpose and
conviction to provide a safe, professional environment for piercing and tattooing and
we will continue doing so  in the future. We look forward to serving you soon.
Neil Heslep
Master Piercer / Tattooist
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extreme expressions shop
extreme expressions shop
Exrem Expressions shop
The "US" has now grown to 4 Tattoo Artist, 1 Body Piercer And Apprentice and 2 Support
People, all with the desire to make your body modifications among the best experiences of your
It takes some time to build a good team/shop with the right people there that are different
enough to be interesting, but be able to work together towards a common goal and to stick with
the program to obtain and keep their license.  It is a long way from where I started 20 years
ago, but I loved every minute along he way.
The piercing/tattoo industry is one that relies on apprentices completing the required program
and passing a test to show they have learned the "minimum" needed to tattoo or pierce in a safe
manner.  This  limits the chance of spreading infection between clients, it teaches them how to
take care of a tattoo/piercing and to solve problems that arrive from modifying your body
Tattoo parties, kitchen table tattoos and piercing, outdoor events are not the place to have
either one done. Unsanitary conditions are like sharing a needle with that other someone who you
may or may not know. Russian Roulette with a needle.
We have endeavored to teach those we selected the correct way and we've had some success I
hope in creating a better group of professionals so body modifications never goes outa style. The
ones that are not in a shop or licensed are not for a reason. Number 1 reason being client safety.
Seek out a professional for your next expression, it's worth the money. To those who came
before, we thank you for your wisdom and to those that follow, seek and you will find.